Programmer & Web Developer

Twitter One Click Block
Twitter One Click Blockclose

4. November 2016.

Add a block button for a simple one click blocking.

Vertical Twitch
Chrome Extension
Vertical Twitchclose

27. August 2016.

Watch Twitch stream with the chat below the video in a vertical orientation with the ability to resize them.

Cars prices in Saudi
Cars prices in Saudiclose

16. September 2015.

Mobile App to show cars prices in Saudi Arabia.

Tumblr Disable Autoplay
Chrome Extension
Tumblr Disable Video Autoplayclose

25. September 2016.

Disable videos autoplay on Tumblr dashboard.

Saudi Stories
Saudi Storiesclose

10. August 2015.

Short stories in Saudi dialect.

Arabic Lyrics
Arabic Lyricsclose

1. September 2015.

Mobile App to browse Arabic songs lyrics.

Secure Notepad
Secure Notepadclose

05. August 2015.

Mobile App that lets you lock your notes with a password.

Emoji for Twitter
Chrome Extension
Emoji for Twitterclose

9. September 2016.

An easy way to add Emojis to your tweets from the same page, this extension were made before Twitter added their native emoji composer to the website.

Reddit Hide by Flair
Chrome Extension
Reddit Hide by Flairclose

23. June 2017.

Hide Reddit posts by flairs.